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Next Generation Lending and Point of Sale Financing Technology for Credit Unions.

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Award-winning, patented technology powers innovative consumer lending and point of sale financing for credit unions of all sizes. Offering both turnkey and completely customized embedded options, CU DigiLend's API-driven, white-labeled solutions remove legacy technology barriers for cost effective speed-to-market.

Dependence on Core Technology No Longer Impedes Credit Union Modernization

Compete with the banks and fintechs doing business in your communities with sophisticated, patented technology to deploy more capital in your region, provide more members with lower rate financing, and enhance merchant services.

Key Features
CU DigiLend's turnkey and completely customized solutions both offer cost-effective, speed-to-market to drive innovation and revenue.

Point of Sale Financing

Customizable plan waterfalls for full credit spectrum financing solutions with stage payments functionality, refund processing and funds disbursement.

Loan Origination

Complete consumer underwriting, soft pull prequalification, KYC/fraud checks, device verification, credit policy insights.

Merchant Underwriting

Customizable underwriting criteria, full KYC/fraud checks, industry specific checks for required licensing, and ongoing merchant monitoring.

Data & Reporting

Leverage valuable insights and data to shape business strategies and credit policies.

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CU DigiLend:
Bank Expertise and Fintech Agility on a Credit Union Mission

CU DigiLend’s off-the-shelf or completely customized solutions empower credit unions and their communities.

CU DigiLend empowers clients to:

  • Save money and time transitioning from outdated core systems

  • Quickly adjust to market changes and member expectations

  • Expand community reach with competitive technology and lower fee financing

Our Solutions

Web-based Consumer Financing Solution

​Offer community business owners in home improvement, healthcare and retail an easy-to-use consumer financing platform at the point of sale.

  • Enhance merchant services

  • Retain and grow membership

  • Deploy more capital in your community

Join Lender Waterfall in CU DigiLend’s Merchant Network

Gain entry to lender waterfalls in desired verticals and credit tiers within CU DigiLend’s network of premier merchants.

  • Enter proven marketplaces

  • Access new verticals

  • Compete with lower-fee products in your region

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